OC and Underwatting?

Hi there

I am mining with 2 cards for Zcash

I’m getting ~740Sol/s for ~205W with 1x GTX 1070 and 1x GTX 1060

I also overclocked cards and underwatted them. My question is : Is Underwatting dangerous for cards ?
I saw that too : when i’m mining Eth, the cards are hotter than Zcash mining, normal ?

It is stable and i get this :
Temp: GPU0: 55C GPU1: 59C
GPU0: 443 Sol/s GPU1: 301 Sol/s
Total speed: 744 Sol/s
| GPU | Power usage | Efficiency |
| 0 | 113W | 3.92 Sol/W |
| 1 | 91W | 3.31 Sol/W |
My settings on msi afterburner :
(GPU0 - EVGA GTX 1070 8Gb SC Black Edition) Power limit : 76% Core clock +114 Memory clock +334

(GPU1 - Gigabyte GTX 1060 6Gb Windforce OC) Power limit : 76% Core clock +114 Memory clock + 326
And fans speed are Auto. (~55% for the 1070 and 59% for the 1070)

Can i optimize settings ?
My screen is connected to the motherboard’s VGA.

Thanks and sorry for my bad english

No worries about lowering the Watt to 76%. That is like a sweet spot almost.
Just don’t lower below 60/65% and you would be good.

76% is great for your cards and Efficiency Sol/Watt ratio is pretty damn good.
The temperatures are excellent too. Keep mining :slight_smile:

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Why is it a problem to go under 60% power limit?

It is not a problem - just his efficiency would drop below 60%. Based on my experience sweet spots are from 65 to 75% if you want lower cost of electricity vs some efficiency. If you do not care about electricity, go for maxiumum power but do have a good PSU to accommodate the load. Look at his Sol/Watt - that is pretty good value there.

plus each card has a minimum power limit, but efficiency would drop a lot - for 1070 it was 50% I believe.

Well my highest sol/w on a 1080ti is at 54~56% power limit. I get about 4.30~4.50, 590~600 sols, 130~140w

Cant compare 1060 with 1080ti :slight_smile:

I think I saw somewhere around this forum someone who was able to do a 4 ish sol/w on a 1060 with very low consumption

What settings please? And who manufactured card?

4Sol/w ? Interesting i just set %tdp to 70 on my 1060 and results are ~3.40 i think we need to search from another setting to have a 4sol/w efficiency. Maybe core voltage ?

I don’t have 1060’s but I’d try to increase the core clock to 200+ and see if it’s stable

i have 1060 and 1900 core clock 4400 memory
at 100watt getting 3.0sol/watt
at 110watt 2.9sol/watt. checked for few hours. still running stable.
and meanwhile suing my system without hicup

3gb or 6gb? What brand name and type is the GPU?

This would help to know more details on your cards.

here are some of my 1060s tests…

default core clocks. no OC.
for example the Evga 1060 6 GB SSC does ~ 310 sol for 90 Watt usage. TDP 70% - 3.4 sol./watt
but evga 1060 3gb sc does ~ 270 sol for 80 watt usage. TDP 65% (I think, from memory) - 3,3 sol/watt

more TDP and OC gets a bit more Sols, but power goes up and if you pay high for electricity you won’t like it.

i have msi gtx 1060 6gb oc1 …crap
getting about 300-320 sols for 105watt … at 3.0 efficiency
1949 core clock
4500 mem clock
fan are 100% to keep temps in 60s