1500W for 6 x 1080 TI - is that right?

Hey guys,

Running Asus Prime Z270 with 6 x 1080 TI using 2 PSUs (1300 + 1000 )

iā€™`m getting ~1500W at the wall - does that make sense? can this be lowered ?

my Afterburn setup is Power 80% Core +110 , Mem +100

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Yes its normal and depend of your psu efficiency :smile:
Higher the efficiency is, lower your energy bill will be :sunny:

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Exactly what jimmy said. What is your 80+ rating on your PSU? I show a draw of about 210 watts per 1080ti in EWFB. This would equate out to 6x210w=1260w+100w(for the rest of the computer)=1360/.91(efficiency of PSU)=1495 watts

That is right about where you are.

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Thanks for the answers guys. highly appreciated :slight_smile: