24h and nothing contributed? gpu?


I started zcashd in a Xeon v3 computer with a silent AMD r5 230 graphics card.
There’s no info on whether zcashd is using the gpu or not.
In either case, after 24 hours, There’s still nothing earned:

Since starting this node 1 days, 0 hours, 48 minutes, 41 seconds ago:
- You have validated 76 transactions!
- You have contributed 0.0000 Sol/s on average to the network solution rate.
- You have completed 0 Equihash solver runs.

So, how can I know if zcashd is using the GPU (although it’s a weak GPU, I know that)?
And is it normal that for I haven’t mined anything yet even if only using the CPU?

It doesn’t look like you are mining at all. You should see the number of Equihash solver runs increasing over time.

Did you enable the mining flag in your zcash.conf file?

Is it enough to pass the -gen flag?

How do I know if it’s using the GPU?