No experience wth building computers

Hey everybody, I am so interested in mining zcash! but I dont’ have any experience with building a computer, do you guys think I could be able to do it? An assembling computer tutorial could help me?

Just go to youtube and do a search, there are several video’s there

+1 what he said. Assembling a computer is the easy part because there’s only one way to hook up most components. IMO the smart move is playing around with mining software on your desktop PC before you drop money on building a full rig. If you’re feeling adventurous, also getting some experience with Linux isn’t the worst idea.

No matter how you proceed, Rule 33. Lurk moar – it’s never enough. There’s a lot of good advice (here, Eth forums, etcetera) on mining techniques, securing wallets, and evaluating the viability of getting a return on your investment. Remember to try and have fun with it!

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I appreciate the answer, I am already mining on a VBox with Linux and with my laptop using a CPU miner! I was wondering mostly if I could make it to the “assembly” part… Ima watch some tutorials, thank you :slight_smile:

If you are interested in building a dedicated Zcash rig, you can visit YouTube and search for Ethereum mining rig builds, there are lots of instructional videos.
If a rig does well for ETH, then it will also work for ZEC, just matter of different software.

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