ZEC Tanking, already 20% down

ZEC is tanking, already a loss of 20% today and still falling

First the first time for a while it looks like Ethereum is more profitable now :frowning:

Don’t panic, just hodl your zcash till it goes back up then sell.

Hopefully it goes back up!! If not then we PAAANNIICCCCC!!!

Not that crazy …
When you looks at those graphs with weeks as a unit, it sometimes gives a picture with a bit more sense…

From a goldfish’s perspective, yes, I’m sure ZEC is ‘tanking’. My advice is grow a pair. Of goldfish. Then you’ll have a little more perspective.


Chicken little much?

On Friday zec was $83-$84 usd, then on 05/01 it jumped to $115 usd (before some whale dumped it ) and on the same day settled back to low to mid $90’s…

I’ll take a $7 - $10 usd increase every three days for infinity please Mr. Trebek .

Edit - its 11:30pm est and the price of zec is $101.00 usd

Just a time line, 30 days ago zec was $54.04 usd
on February 14th (just to show some love) it was $31.00 usd


shaking-out the weak hands before we start our next leg up ^.^

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actually, really happy with ZEC resiliency! after a couple nasty dumps; we seem to be building support in the mid-high $80s (old support was around mid 60s). these dumps are great for distribution, and extremely healthy! the chart looks great! $100 is a deeply psychological number!! we’ll prolly bounce-off $100 several times before we begin our run to $200-250. good times!

traders looking for some quick plays should consider moving into ZEC, and feel comfortable with $88-107 scalps; we break $120 - mewn …just a thought


Very good view on things and I completely agree

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Agreed. I think there’s more to come from ZEC.

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volume’s been steadily rising!
chart indicates nice, natural, sustained growth!
most importantly, ZEC, the most advanced currency available; isn’t even top ten in regards to market cap; #9 in monthly volume, though…
; ) i’d say we have room for some growth

side thought: one major announcement alone; could be enough to mewn ZEC

DOnt sell :slight_smile:, I am wating for 300$ price.

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Not really?
Tanking when compared to the other currency performance. Its still a nice gain already. I am still waiting for the next upbeat

Here’s some prices as of late.

Every “larger perspective” looks like we’re leveling off after a bit of a bump to me. Of course, I know next to nothing about this sort of thing, so I’m probably wrong and missing something.