3x 980s, total ~75Sol/s, not much..?

Hello guys!

I see lots of rigs and specifications, with their mining speeds.
All in all, doing the math, it seems that either I’m doing sth wrong with my build, or others post far larger numbers than their actual ones…
I am using 3 ASUS ROG MATRIX 980s, on Ubuntu 16.04, with Nicehash Miner, and I’m getting a total of 75Sol/s.
Again, am I doing sth wrong, or did I miscalculate from other user’s benchmarks?

Thank in forward for the inputs!

There is definitely something wrong. You should be getting ~300+ Sol/s from each card. So ~900 Sol/s or just under 1 kh/s.

Thanks for the fast reply!
Any idea what could be wrong?
Is it that Linux doesn’t handle GPU drivers well?
It never gave me an error…

I’m fairly new to mining myself so without having experienced too many issues thus far (knock on wood), I couldn’t tell you. You could try a different miner as well before changing OS’s. I’m sure someone with more experience with Linux will chime in if you want to wait :slight_smile:

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Yes, you are doing something wrong, the software you are using to mine with has not been updated in +4 months. You should be using EWBF


CriticAcid I owe you a beer at least!
It worked, and with EWBF now it is at ~1000 Sol/s
I recommend it for everyone!