4.3 sol/s is that any good?

I am still new to this - tell me something someone? is 4.3 sol/s any good?

Well i aint going to tell you it’s good. But it is alot better than 0

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How can I improve this?

without knowing what hardware you have and no final build miners available , myself or anyone else cannot answer that question

HP compaq elite core 2 quad, 16gb ram, gtx 630 running 4 threads?

Do you have the exact CPU modal? It sounds like it may be pre i3,i5,i7. If so, those processors aren’t that fast anymore in comparison

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I’ll pile on with a similar question. I am showing 0.033 sol/s. But I have 12 GB RAM, i7 3.06. Thoughts?

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What miner are you using? Are you using all threads (what does your CPU usage show)?

The standard zcash with trompsolver - my cpu is running at 289% im only on 3 sol average to network

Same for me – standard with trompsolver. 8 threads. CPU Stats:

%usr - 7.02, %nice - 69.96, %sys - 5.80, %iowait - 2.01

Appreciate any input!

What model CPU’s do you have? Not just quad core, or i7, but the acutal model number (Example: i7-6700K)
That may be all your CPU is capable of

My hashrate is 1820.06 h/s… Is this good?