I7 980 6 core 12 thread sol rate

IM getting like 8.5 sol/s on CPU only

Intel Core i7 980
6 cores
12 threads

Whats up with that ?

My bat file:

nheqminer_suprnova.exe -u tylern.tylerdie -p l******* -t 12

Any better settings to try ?


Try using less threads, maybe even 6 or 4.

If you can overclock your ram in the bios, try that.

how would overclocking the ram help?

less threada just reduced it. i got 12 threads going ar almost 100 %

this sucks

The algorithm for zcash is equihash. It reads/writes a lot of memory and so one of the slowing factors isn’t amount of memory or clock speed of cpu but how fast you can read/write to memory i.e memory bandwidth.

If you speed up that process, you should speed up your hashrate.

You may see a poor hashrate if you have slow ram.