4G Decoding problem. Not recognize second GPU

It does not recognize the second GPU. I tried so many things. Any suggestions ?

Motherboard : MSI H270-A PRO
GPU : 2X GTX 1060 6GB
Intel G4400
600W 80+ PSU

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any details like how is the card connected
and what have u tried ?

4G should be turned on when you add the 4th or 5th GPU. 2 or 3 leave it at default settings

First gpu is on motherboard normally.

second gpu is on riser.

I tried gen1 , gen2 , gen3 4GB Enable etc… Update bios. Update drivers.

Not working :confused:

Per the screen shot, it sees the GPU but possibly a bad/default driver… reinstall the latest drivers from Nvidia

and I would put the motherboard back to default settings, again with 2 gpu’s you don’t need to enable 4g

it could be also a bad rizer causing errors and the GPU is autoblocked in OS afterwords …its hard to tell not enough info…i would first try to connect them directly to the mobo without riser and test if this works …set the PCIe to ver1 or ver 2

Drivers are latest version. :confused:

On mobo ? in 2 x16 slots right ?

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yes the mobo has 2 big slots …use them

Windows is freezing. I can’t do anything.

It works fine in safe mode because there is no internet

Its works. Thanks dude. I love you <3

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man one advise dont power the GPU with a molex extender …during the load u can burn the cable and the PSU with it get a new PSU asap and power up the GPU properly …also not enough power for the GPU might be the reason of all your problems

PSU : 600w 80+

Whats your suggestions ?

I have only 2 GPU. :joy:

Which brand and model PSU ?

that depends on your plans in the feature in case you want just keep these 2 gpus running safe whatever PSU with 2x pcie power connectors for each gpu will be better then to connect the molex extender the power lead from PSU for GPUs is desingned to sustain heavy loads molex/sata is not …u need at least 80W-90W and the sata /molex are designed for around 40W max thats just fiy its up to you

I will only use 2 GPU. ( GTX 1060 ).Would you suggest a power supply with two pci? Between 600-650W. ( Evga, CM etc…)

since u plan to have only 2x 1060 a 500W will be enough as for the brand it really dosent matter just be shore it will have enough ports and it will be some normal brand stay away from brands like eurocase ,akyga, whiteenergy, atc these PSUs are usable but u will need to go for higher wattage like 600-700W to sustain the heavy load for long time since they use cheap components that arent so efficient