Mining rig will run with 4 gpus, but wont turn on with 5

Hi. I’ve had this problem for a week now. I just got my 5th MSI R9 380 2gb last week. My rig was running normaly with 4x MSI R9 380 for a month on a Biostar TB250 BTC Motherboard and EVGA 1000GQ PSU. As soon as I plugged the 5th card in, all the GPUs wont turn on for some reason. I tried using dual PSUs, still not working. Any ideas?

Hi Nefarius…Try the following: in your Bios you have to find ‘Above 4G Decoding’. This should be enabled otherwise it won’t recognize more than 4 cards.

Hi. Thanks for replying. On this motherboard its called “enable mining mode” there is an option for 6x Vga and above 6x vga… I tried both of them… still not working… thanks for the reply tho.

You tried dual PSU - i.e. 2x1000w ?

Technically for just booting, the 5 cards should not consume all of the 1000w gpu and at least you should get boot in the OS…but once mining it can go over it with default settings.