6 x GTX1080ti Mining rig

Hey guys, Attached screenshot has reference.

GPU0’s hash rate is considerably less than the other 5 GPUs. Any ideas?


It’s normal because it’s the primary output of your monitor.

Oh ok, so if I unplug the monitor it should operate normally? Then just monitor the setup using teamviewer?

I also have a 6x 1080ti rig. I don’t have that kind of issue even with plugged in monitor(via hdmi) By looking the temperature of it is also a lot lower than the other cards. Did you use afterburner or some clocking software?

I use MSI Afterburner, however, they are not overclocked, running them at stock setting as the temperatures are too high already… GPU0’s temperature is much lower because its hashing much less I guess…?

I will go get a portable aircon today…

If its not the monitor output causing the drop, could it be a faulty Riser board?

Could be, look at the power use of that card also a lot lower. If the settings in the burner are absolute same for all the GPUs could be that Riser board or the cable that is powering it. Try change it if you have spare and see :slight_smile:

I will have a look thanks!

It is not because the display is plugged into it, not a 400 h/s hit.

Does it start out like that or always like this?
Replacing it with another rise was suggested which is a good idea, the other would be to switch the cables around so that it shows as a different GPU and see if it follows.

as a final test to make sure it’s not the card, test the card solo directly connected to the mobo.

btw use afterburner temp settings to control the heat, best practice is 69c to 75c

@noobvie This is not normal, and monitor plugged in or not, it shouldn’t have any effect whatsoever.

@CTZNKNE Try resetting all the cards to default settings in MSI Afterburner (make sure all cards are linked), even if you haven’t changed anything yet. Then reboot your system. After the reset, de-select auto fan speed and set it to 70%. Then re-start your miner.

If you’re still seeing a low hashrate on GPU0 after that, then you can try a few more things to isolate the problem. Shut down your system and swap card 0 with another card. Leave the riser cables in the same PCIe slots, just swap the cards, which should isolate whether there’s a problem with your graphics card or with your riser. Then reboot and restart the miner. If the card is the problem, then you should see the low hashrate move to whatever position you swapped it with. If the riser is the problem, then you should see the low hashrate remain in position 0 even with the swapped card.

@CTZNKNE Also, I forgot to ask, what are the specs of your rig? You might be pushing your power supply beyond what it can handle.

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I see the following issues:
Lower GPU0 Power consumption - see W
Lower CPU0 temp 59C vs 70+C for other GPUs
Much lower Sol/s

For bad raiser suspicion - just change with other GPU and see.
For PSU limits - do a calc of need vs present power depending on the PSU you have.

I think something is limiting the GPU. You have to dig deeper to find the culprit since you are loosing hash rate :slight_smile:

Is this PC dedicated to mining or you use it for other purposes?
Do you have Nvidia Geforce Experience installed?
I usually uninstall that and stop the Telemetry container services on my rig. Don`t know how but originally it auto-tuned the GPUs and was producing weird not consistent mining.

p.s. To lower the GPUs temperatures, you can manually set the FAN to a higher speed. i.e. 60%. This usually helps and is better than leaving the GPU to regulate fan on its own.

p.s.2 Having monitor and most importantly using it on GPU would lower the hash just a small %. Usually not noticeable to care about. So its not that.

Hey guys, thanks for all the advice…although yesterday after i rearranged my study to fit the air conditioner next to the rig, it no longer powers up…

Well it starts up for a split second, fans and lights go on, then goes off less than a second later… and it continues in this cycle, until I switch the PSUs off…

I spent the whole night troubleshooting, rebuilt the rig from scratch and added one component after the other…even when it was just one PSU powering,CPU,MOBO,RAM, it did the same thing.

I’m lost with this one…

As requested, my specs are:

Intel Celeron G3900 2.8GHZ
6 x ZOTAC GTX1080ti AMP edition
Biostar TB250-BTC PRO
G.Skill 8GB DDR4 Memory
Yama 1600W PSU
Corsair 750W PSU

Hey man! First off: I’m sorry to hear this.

My guess here would be your motherboard. Did you try without any gpu attached?
Does the motherboard make any different sounds when it turns on?

Do you have any spare HW? Like another PSU just to check if moba is working?

Did you try pluging system in another wall outlet?

Hope you find what the problem is and that you can fix it!

I’ve tried the following: different PSUs, different wall socket, unplugged GPUs, RAM removal, CPU reseating…same issue…I’ve taken leave for today and took the PC to a computer shop to see if they can figure it out…

Turns out the CPU was at fault, replaced it, now its working…luckily not an expensive component.

Oh dear, turns out the CPU was only part of a bigger problem…trying to install windows, it kept hanging and was very slow…then the mobo started burning! Looks like the bridge caught fire…I am very dissappointed with this board :frowning:IMG_2904IMG_2902IMG_2906

:fearful: wow…that`s pretty severe. I am sorry that it happened.
I wonder what may be the reason…

Was the 3 extra power cables plugged to your mb?

yes, all required power was connected as per the hand guide’s instructions.

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Seeing the black spot on the board below, over voltage may be?
There were not any big storms near you I assume?

I would check the PSUs and all power cabling before I use them in another rig/MB.

by the way, what is that Yama 1600 PSU? Is it Yamaha?