Significant drop in performance

Hope someone have the idea or clue how to solve the issue I have with the mining rigs.

It’s 6 GPU ASUS 1080ti ROG Strix 11gb mining ZCash. Single card was hashing around 690-700 Sol/s and hash rate was really stable and constant. Rigs’ been working for 6 months 24/7 with no problems until a week ago or so when hash rate dropped averaging to 600 Sol/s. On one rig noticed voltage oscillations which cause sudden changes drops and rise in hashing power. See the attached screenshot from msi Afterburner and CUDA miner EWB3.4.
Any suggestions are welcome where to start looking for solution.


There are so many variables. You need to do a bit of digging and self-troubleshooting. For instance, don’t look at what you were doing 6 months ago. That’s a huge time frame to be looking through. When was the last time you were hitting the 700 Sol/s mark? Was it a few days ago? A few weeks ago? 3 hours ago?

Once you determine that (the logs should help with that if you are keeping them of course), you will have a starting point. What changed? Did you install any Windows updates? Any driver updates? Software updates? Update to the miner software? Change in OC settings? Hardware updates? It’s really basic troubleshooting. If absolutely nothing has changes software wise, you can start looking at hardware. Personally I’d start with the PSU. You have 6 1080 Ti’s but you didn’t mention what PSU you have so we don’t know if it’s powerful enough to support all 6 GPU’s, the risers and the rest of the hardware. If you remove 1 GPU do you still have the same problem?

This should be more than enough to get you started with your troubleshooting.


Thanks for reply and all the suggestions. Windows updates are turned off, so nothing was changed ever since 6 months ago. I have 2 PSU for each rig Corsair 1200 and 1000w platinum, which should be enough . The only weird thing is that the issue started simultaneously on both rigs within a last 10 days.

The cards can do 700 Sol/s even now but hash rate goes up and down frequently.

Anyways, I’ll try eliminating hardware issues first and than turn to SW.

Thanks for support…

I can tell you that my 1080ti is currently showing 680-720 Sols and has been since I started with it a couple months ago. I can generally play Triple A games on my PC and still get 500+ Sols with this card.

I’ve got one of those cards mining also and I’m getting 700+ sols for sure (more like 710-720) at ±60°C on these settings:

  1. TDP: 90% (keeps the Sols/W to between 3 and 3.15)
  2. Core: +120 (making it go to almost 2000Mhz, try lower if it gets unstable)
  3. Mem: +495 (it should read 5500Mhz in Afterburner graphs, the mem is supposed to run at this speed and not 5000Mhz)

One thing that sometimes happens is that the card “loses track” for some reason at the settings level.
Possible solution to this can be a hassle when you have many cards in the system unless you set afterburner to link the settings of all cards simultaneously:
Shut down the mining software, set the card to factory settings (100% +0 +0) restart the miner to get the card going on the stock settings.
Then close the miner again, apply the profile with your custom settings and start the miner for good and see how it goes.
You could also try to apply stock settings, then reboot and then apply custom settings.

A quick question: When was the last time you cleaned the ASUS 1080ti cards? Given enough time, dust can build up on the fans and heatsinks affecting performance.

Never :frowning:
What should I use, compressed air spray?

3 to 3.15 is not a good efficiency for these cards, and adding memory has a very small effect mining zcash.
If you bring down power to 80-70% and add only on core you can reach 4-4.5 W/sols

I would suggest using clean paint brushes.
You can use compressed air if there is some serious dust but pay attentions to fans, don’t use compressed air on them, it will make them spin and they could easly break.

For cleaning them best you should take fans(or cooling solution) off from the cards, remove old thermol paste and add some new one.

Thanks for advice ! Cheers !!x

I’m getting these rates without modifying my cards speed in any way. Which I would suggest against doing to enhance the longevity of your cards and the chance of reselling them with good value.

The 1080ti’s come with 2-3 year guarantee so maybe if you are running dedicated rigs it might be in your best interests to push the cards…on the other hand you have to take into consideration the cost of shipping for exchange as well as the downtime if you have to do so.