Gpu hashrates dropping steady

Hey guys,

I have one card that is dropping form 150 h/s down to 120, 100, 85 and so on. It drops all the way to 20h/s and that's how she sits till i reboot. Everything becomes pretty laggy as well as it starts dropping.

Is it pooched?

It could be a number of things, but a flakey riser is where to start. You may also be undervolting that particular card to much, or the GPU temperature is going too high, and the card is throttling. You may also being pushing the limits of your PSU.

Temp is no problem (70 degrees Celsius max), psu is over powered for 2 cards, stock bios no adjustment to voltages.

How can I test the riser?

Replace it. Hard to troubleshoot these problems without some spare gear around to swap in/out so you can isolate the root cause.

You know what, I can't believe I spaced on that. I have the exact same card in another rig... *face palm..

Thanks guys, I'm gonna go have some coffee and snap to it lol