6 x RX 480 4Gb rig, how to lower power consumption

I’m running a rig with 6 GPU : Radeon RX 480 4G, 4 with Samsung memory and 2 with elpida, each GPU gives approximately 300 H/s those with Elpida 283 H/s. The rig consumes 1050W. The question is : Is it possible somehow to reduce the power consumption while keeping the same hashrate ? Or keep the consumption the same, but increase the hash rate ?

Yes, undervolt (reduce the power limit) and overclock

CitricAcid, do you know the exact values ? I tried to play with MSI afterburner but it always end with blue screen of death, or with a very low hashrate

Personally think that to be stable operation please give sufficient power

I don’t have 480’s so no idea… I have Fury X’s, on those I just O’C, I’m not worried about power.

I would first find a stable O’C then slowly reduce power.

if you are using afterburner, a suggestion would be to change the temp to 66, that will auto reduce the power… then make small changes to the core and memory. You can do one more than the other… there is truly no one set settings for all since every card is different.

For the Samsungs, visky over @ @AnorakSupra forum has said they got the TDP down to 110 per card with 300–310 H/s https://anorak.tech/t/msi-rx480-gaming-x-4gb-samsung/1422/2, but can’t verify whether this is valid or not based on just one users success.
For elpida, I’ve not come across any ready available ROMs.
If you want to get the job done yourself and not worry about this in the future, I recommend these https://anorak.tech/t/anoraks-amd-vbios-hex-modification-tutorial/126 https://anorak.tech/t/anoraks-vbios-collection-optimized-settings-for-performance-power-saving/13 from anorak.

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