Profitability mining Zcash

At this moment I mine at 1900 H/S 24/7. Power consumption 1200W (7GPU''s) and I pay $ 0,24 /kWh.
So total power cost $6.91 (daily)
Profit: $0.42. (daily)

What do you think about this?
Wise to continue with mining Zcash?

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depends on what GPU's you have. hard to say smth. without knowing the setup and when you started.

7x RX 480
total cost $ 2600

yout could work on your consumption, since your power price is so high. did you use custom BIOS ROMs for your cards? your consumption is way too high at 166W per card. what card brand do you have?

it is also possible to switch to ETH or ZCL

would be also good to know your other RIG Components like PSU and CPU.

Your power consumption does look high. I'm running rigs with 6x Sapphire RX480 Nitros (4GB) and each rig is using just under 740 watts and running at 20% fan and average of 50C GPU temperature. All the RX480s running at stock settings and not undervolted or BIOS changed.

I do not have custom ROM, all standard.

My setup
EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 G2 Power Supply
7x XFX 480 (GTR version)

so you answered yourself your question. Find a Custom ROM. Flash your cards. play with settings and you will get less consumption/cost for your whole rig. 1100 it way too much. it should be near 900 Watt for the whole RIG on ZEC mining. resulting in 1,15$ less power cost per day. also you could get 280-290 hashes per card depending on miner and settings.

Thank you un4given.

Any suggestions for custom ROM?
Also I use Claymore 11.1 and drivers 16.10.3 on Windows 10. But max. speed is 263 H/S... wondering how to pump this up to 290:grinning:

For Example

try to use this if its your card. dunno if you have 4GB or 8GB version.

After it try to use the commands on claymore and set -cclock 1290 and -mclock 1900 and see what comes out

Further try 1300 clock and 1900 memory and if its stable start lowering the memory to 1800 and so on till you reach 1750

after you find a stable combo, start playing with the voltage. depending on your ASIC Quality you will maybe need to set different voltages for each card.

Getting an efficient RIG is a long way to go


As others has noted, your problem is power consumption, and a high electricity price (here, it's about half, 0.12 €/kWh).

You can see if it's worth for you to keep mining, with this great tool (calculator with future forecast!):

One thing you have to take in mind, is that everything here is so volatile... and the network is evolving constantly, so even if you get profit today, it might not be profitable in 4 months if difficulty keeps increasing. People doesn't usually take that into account! You can see it in the calculator, drawn in a monthly chart :wink:

I'm using a sapphire r9 390x nitro backplate and it uses 375W my speed on claymore miner is roughly 500 h/s, is that good?

It doesn't match with the chart of your GPU here:

Have you overclocked it? What version of Claymore do you use?

I have overclocked it so much (+200 core + 150 mem). So thats a core clock of 1280mhz and memory clock of 1650mhz, sometimes the VRAM heats up to 100c but I read on a forum that is normal. However there is a noticeable burning smell, am I killing the GPU?

Version of Claymore miner is 12.5

Well, I don't think that's good at all for the GPU. I try to keep mine below 80ºc. I read less than 90ºc is ok, but almost 100ºc and that smell... can't be good for sure!