[0.2 Ether reward]MSI Z270 A Pro. Having trouble getting all 6 GPU's to run and be recognized in W10

I’m using a MSI Z270 A Pro(latest bios installed) with a Celeron G3930, I can plug the cards individually with 4g encoding turned on and have no issues booting up then patching, however when all 6 cards are plugged in Windows will show a black screen when booting and eventually restart after 20 seconds.
I know that processor isn’t the best for this but there have been comments stating that it does work with 6 GPUs.
Whoever can help me get all GPU’s running and recognized in at least afterburner/claymore will get 0.2 ether as a reward.

Windows is installed in UEFI mode, I’ve also pretty much tried everything from searching through this forum and bitcointalk the past couple days.

Single or dual PSU setup? Does that motherboard have extra molex power slots for the PCI-e ?

Also what GPUs do you have and wattage of your PSU(s)

I decided to just go with simplemining, which worked immediately. Thanks for trying though.