A Familiar Face For Ubuntu (Check this out if you're new to Linux)

Many of you are new to Linux and have been lead to it as a result of your interest in ZCash and cryptocurrencies. Linux offers many benefits over Windows, especially in this space. Namely, open source software, security and privacy. Things which ZCash embodies.

One of the barriers I’ve noticed for adoption of Linux has been the perception that it was ugly or even that it was just a command line interface.

Those of you who have downloaded and installed Ubuntu will know it is a standard GUI desktop environment but it takes some getting used to.

What if you could make Ubuntu look and feel like Windows or MacOSX. Well you can…

Instructions on how you can do this are at this link and site: http://www.noobslab.com/2016/04/macbuntu-1604-transformation-pack-for.html