Wallet for all operating systems?

Will there be a walet for all operating systems before launch of Zcash

i read that in the beginning there will be only a Linux version.

Where did you read that?

Somewhere in this forum, Zooko said that 1.0 will be very unfriendly, probably Linux-only release using command line.

This seems a bit unfair for the rest of us

Windows should make most people happy.

Am I wrong to think that at this point in Crypto money it would only be appropriate to launch with all OS including mobile systems.

the dev team is limited and their time is too. there is alot of other work to do beside making a windows version. Linux is free for everybody. just download and install :slight_smile:

additionally: Zerocash is about privacy. Windows is the opposite of privacy.

Oh ok then keep your Linux wallets. I’ll just continue on with dash

We’re in no way antagonistic toward or dismissive of the need to run on Windows. Bitcoin is cross-compiled for Windows, and all of our changes to Bitcoin are implemented in a platform-independent way. We only use library dependencies that work for Windows. As @LiteCoinGuy says, the issue is just one of available development resources.

Mobile is more complicated. iOS and Android are different enough from desktop operating systems that some significant development work is required there.