A jump in RIG performance in Funakoshi Miner

I have improved the performance of handling multiple gpu’s.
Now Funakoshi-Miner is the fastest EquiHash Cuda Miner,
when using multiple gpu cards. Try release v2.2 at github

Do you have benchmarks? You claim its better but wheres the proof. Take the time to benchmark the miner vs other miners so we don’t need to waste our time with testing. If you go to DSTMs miner it has a list of card and what to expect hash-wise. With your miner you just gave us a claim that its better.

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I have compared performance on 1080, 1080ti, 3x1080ti, 1070
without over-clocking (both on Windows-7 and on Ubuntu-16.04).
I have found that Funakoshi-Miner is faster.
It runs more iterations per second.
The number of sol/s changes all the time and the average over time is also better.
However I can’t specify an exact number for sol/s due to its oscillation behaviour.

The numbers that are reported by funakoshi-miner to console and log-file are exact (no cheating),
dstm also reports true numbers. You can verify this by looking at the pool reports (when running
at least 24 hours).

I don’t expect miners to belive any numbers published by me.

SS of it running with different gpu’s is some type of visual proof that could spark someone to look at and try out the software.

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tested your software didn’t work Please advise


Please specify command-line arg: -cd 0 (for a single gpu) or -cd 0 1 (for 2 gpus), etc’.

Also specify ssl port of pool 3443 for flypool.

that rig has 8 1080ti’s cmd line is cd 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

and ahh you want the encrypted port!

This sounds familiar :thinking:
cough cough Bminer

test rig was 8 - 1080ti’s

stock avg using Funakoshi was 5019 H/s

Attempting to overclock, at any level, resulted in NO increase in H/s and at 140 core a reset of the rig was required.

stock H/s using EWBF was 5420

Didn’t test the miner yet with 8 gpus, only with 3 gpus.
It seams that I should do some work on this configuration.
Thank’s for checking.

what should change between 3 or 8 GPUs @funakoshi ?

I specificaly checked today 3x1080ti and it ran faster than dstm.
Didn’t check ewbf, but assumed that dstm is faster than ewbf.

Maybe there is some bottleneck reached when moving up to 8 gpu’s.

I honestly don’t know.

First I will check EWBF on 3x1080ti
and after that I will try to get my hands on a 8 gpu’s rig.

How about 12 Gpu Rigs ?

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I have just tested EWBF on a 3x1080ti rig on ubuntu-16.
ewbf is much slower than both dstm and funakoshi.
ewbf has ~2060 sol/s and both dstm and funakoshi are above 2140

I will have to do some research on rigs of 8 gpu’s.

I tested using -cd 0 1 2 only, EWBF still out performs using stock and still could not overclock using only 3

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The reports are contradictive.
Miners should check for themselves.

Most certainly everyone should always check for themselves. As for the contradiction, I’ll be more than glad to provide screenshots showing that on my rig:

  1. stock performance on a 8 Nvidia GPU rig is before EWBF
  2. I am unable to overclock
  3. when using 3 GPU’s stock performance is still below EWBF and you still can not overclock.

You expected people not to believe you, you offered no SS proof of your results. I downloaded your software to test, verify, and report back here. These are my results

Miners who are interested in increasing revenue, can invest 10 minutes to
compare reported performance on their console. If they see an increase in
speed they can decide to invest a few hours to verify the results in the pool.
Miners should let the pool decide, from the pool they earn their money.