Step by step EWBF

hi to you all I’m newbie at the mining world.
I currently have 2 computers with 2 gtx 1060 on each one of the computers (I doesn’t get my risers yet).
I want to start mining until I get them but I didn’t find anywhere a step by step tutorial.
I need it from the start were to open cash wallet (in official zcash or there is another one).
after this what is the fly pool file that I have inside my folder of the 0.34b EWBF.
what elth I need to make this work.
my status now is computer with windows 10 64 bit install, the computer discover the 2 gtx 1060 in device manager. now I need help how to continue.
I’m sure that a lot of people have the same problem like me and this topic can help to a lot others.
thanks ahead!!!


Just follow this guide: