Anyone able too or wish to add better support for TESLAs? I got nheqminer to mine on a K80 on Debian 8 x64 and it said +10k I/s but there were no Sol/s. Nicehash has no interest in adding TESLA support so I was hoping someone here would take a shot at it.

I see the OpenCL miners making huge leaps and bounds on AMD cards, my 7950 I run at home is up to 75 Sol/s with Claymore’s v5 miner.

You can just compile for your card, just need change arch in cmake

Thank you. Can you suggest where I make that change?

for nicehash/nheqminer i would do changes in Linux_cmake/nheqminer_cuda_tromp/CMakeLists.txt , but still first would try tpruvot/nheqminer fork, i do not know what your Tesla have compute capability, but if better than cc5.0 silentarmy port by tpruvot would be best, btw did you try silentarmy opencl, it work for nvidia too

Thank you again for the info. No I have not tried silentarmy opencl. I haven’t tried any opencl with Nvidia since it only supports v 1.2 where AMD supports 2.0. I will give those a try tho.