CUDA Silentarmy V5 WINDOWS with enhancements

I have finished a new build version “k” of a fork of nheqminer. The enhancements should allow 10XX series cards to get much higher sols.

Please post any benchmarks or issues here or at GitHub:

why not even a reply?
anyone checked this?

m2n4sLI MOTHERBOARD WIN7 x64 pro
gtx1060 and GTX750ti not work ^(
Сигнатура проблемы:
Имя события проблемы: APPCRASH
Имя приложения: nheqminer.exe
Версия приложения:
Отметка времени приложения: 58360cc3
Имя модуля с ошибкой: cuda_silentarmy.dll
Версия модуля с ошибкой:
Отметка времени модуля с ошибкой: 58361a2b
Код исключения: c000001d
Смещение исключения: 0000000000002dcb
Версия ОС: 6.1.7601.
Код языка: 1049
Дополнительные сведения 1: 6f20
Дополнительные сведения 2: 6f2059da0cd2fc9611e86db56f791a01
Дополнительные сведения 3: 5013
Дополнительные сведения 4: 50131858bf223019c895d87580109e31

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Заявлении о конфиденциальности Windows 7

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i5 3340+GTX750ti + 2 x GTX750
win 7 pro x64
work with 120sol

Notes are on github I guess.

What settings are you using on your 650? I have a 760 but am only getting 7.6 sols

Messing around a bit I got it to 14.5 sols/s pretty stable. GTX 760

-t 0 -cs -cd 0 -cb 256 -ct 16

Using about 120 watts more than at system idle though.

where you add -t 0 -cs -cd 0 -cb 256 -ct 16?

I created a .bat file that contains this…

nheqminer.exe -l -u (my btc address.worker) -t 0 -cs -cd 0 -cb 256 -ct 16

This is for nicehash of course. adjust for your pool.

For the new builds it ignores the ct and cb command line arguments and uses 64 threads and a block size that allows for iteration thru the hash table.

I get the the MSVCP140.DLL error among others like many of the NHEQminers I try…

youll have to download the redist (not that big)

wow finally a miner that doesnt go so slow with my gtx 980 ti !
great! :slight_smile: i’m getting 120 sol

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I made another build that may work for you:

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Thanks mate, appreciated.

I got it. Dumb. just realized I could -cd 0

back in biz!

thanks man! Always helps to talk it out lol


This is great man, getting 107 sol/s on GTX 1080. Would like to see that card higher, but at least this is a program I can point to a pool I want. For sure will donate for your work!