Adding Merchants

I live in NC and am currently trying to get some merchants using crypto, and ZEC in particular…

Would the foundation or others be willing to support/sponsor me in this venture? I have been gifting out small amounts of ZEC to prospective merchants, so anyone who can help me fund this would be appreciated. You can send ZEC to
Thank you guys very much for your advice, funding, support, or help.

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Hi @cabrock1 welcome to the forums :slightly_smiling_face: :zcash:

It’s really cool of you to talk to merchants about using Zcash! You can try putting in a grant request at: with a description of what you are doing, you never know what might happen.

Awesome. I appreciate the heads up.

Which merchants? Maybe other Zcashers could back your requests with more requests to Pay with Zcash. At the very least, I would.