Adding peers with RPC command

Is there a way to create a connection to a given address via RPC commands when running a fullnode? I’ve tried -addnode add but nothing changes in the peer list returned by -getpeerinfo the way it does when -disconnectnode is used. It only updates the list in getaddedpeerinfo but the nodes listed in there are never connected to for some reason. My goal is to be able to have my node connect to specific nodes in the network to hopefully speed up the overall propagation speed; but to do so I need to be able to connect with target nodes which my digging has told me -addnode should do but doesn’t. Any help with this specific command or another approach to doing so is highly appreciated.


In my experience working through this path of zcash, it takes some time for the current network threads to finish the current loop and pick up what is passed via addnode at runtime.

You can sanity check this by tailing the debug.log.

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Thanks for the help. I’m still a little new so I’m not quite sure how long you mean by “finish the current loop”. Is that minutes or hours on average? I’ve tried testing with monitoring the info from >getaddednodeinfo but it always says >connected: false even after a few minutes after the >addnode call.

Sorry for the delayed response. I was out of office. In my experience it would take a couple of minutes. If you add the node to you zcash.conf before starting the node you can avoid this delay.