How to disconnect a node/peer

In looking through my peerinfo I have a node who is not updating their blockchain header. Is there a way for me to disconnect a node and get another connection?

Fooled around with
addnode ip:port remove

and get the error
node has not been added

tried adding and then removing, no error messages but the node was still attached.

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try tcp kill. you can see the peer and port. compare with getpeerinfo to be sure which one to send to kingdomcome. :slight_smile:

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I started adding IP addresses to the firewall to be blocked. This worked. The node connection would drop and a new peer node would be added. I added @ 30 ip addresses, but continued getting addresses that were very slow at updating their block header. Then decided to just let the network correct. I deleted all those firewall rules and opened it back up because I don’t know if the network would consider my node a bad performer.

I’ve been searching on the web for answers about how the node network works with bitcoin. But haven’t found any great answers yet.

  • Are there any disadvantages for the network if I block IP addresses?

  • If a peer node is not updating their block headers, how does that affect the network?

  • How much intelligence is in the zcash node network for low performing or misbehaving nodes?

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