Zcash is not going up!

So i strong texthave been mining zcash, and i want to cash out, but the coin is pretty low, when do you guys think it will go back up? any ideas or predictions? thanks!

in March, after the chinese new year

Honestly such an ignorant post… Zcash was over 900 a few weeks ago. You had your chance.

Also… You say zcash price isn’t increasing… Have you taken a look at the rest of the crypto Market for the last few weeks?

Yeah when it was at 900 i didnt have the coins to sell them, and i know most of the market is not really increasing, only a few coins like ethereum, i just wanted to know your predictions on when will it go back up.

Here you go:

think long term man.

if you are really starpped for cash then thats sad to hear, but other wise just hold.

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No one really knows. Best strategy is hodl. Profit take if you need to when it’s really high.

I’d say the best strategy is the one that makes the most sense for how you’re running your mining business. You can mine and sell, you can mine and trade, and you can mine and hold. Do what works best for your understanding of the technology and financial climate.