There should be some education on mining on a grass root level espcially to uneducated people of the third world countries


Regions like africa, asia, south america and many remote areas where usually no one can reach


But all got mobile phones, there is the answer I guess, but how to mine Zcash on them ? No idea


Mining is zcash on your cell phone is ideal just have to have to wait and see how it all goes


In the third world countries if you have a mobile, it doesnt mean you are educated most of the people use an iphone to call not even to send message, its easy to give a verdict based on the place you are living .


Maybe but providing the skill even its a simple one is way too difficult, its been two months since my uncle is working with me on my farm and he is bamboozled


Thats why there should be an organization just to teach anything related to crypto and not only in btc but in eth zec and many other currencies as well, devs and coders want to make new discoveries, miners want to mine for money, it may be an opinion but even i learned mining by accident, saw someone doing it googled it and learned and only because i had some basic education


I think that’s not the case. I see the misery in some parts of the world, but I rather see the positives. In Africa there is a real tech revolution going on, mostly on cell phones and raspberry pi. But it’s there. And the place some one lives doesn’t mean anything in my opinion, not all Americans voted for Trump, not all Europeans like the EU . I see the misery in Venezuela and I I couldn’t image something like that happen in a country I thought could easy be first world order.


I agree that the tech is reaching to people in everywhere possible, and i agree on the optimism as well but what about the milkman who owns a phone like a samsung and can only make a call and nothing else, the thing about positivity is that it can be very illusive, still my question remains the same what can we do about a farmer in say pakistan or afghanistan who have 3 children all over 20 and all they know is to call through a phone and nothing else ? when this whole thing started in 2011 all people talked about was that we need mass adoption and nothing else but the system is stopping the uneducated thats what i’m saying and thats a negative we cant ignore or can we ?


Interesting topic.

I think there are several different angles of view here. One like the one Miner_Chandler mention, education, but than again, how to educate someone that mostly isn’t even interested in it?

One should know at least English or it must be done on a regional level, which in my opinion is the best way to go anyway.

There arrise some other, maybe philosophic questions, like for example:

  • should an uneducated really first enter crypto space? I mean it’s even hard for us not to get scammed and many including me, got scammed one, and this on an allready educated level.

  • what’s money/crypto without other knowledges first? I doubt i would be able to explain crypto to a guy here in my country (EU) that has a horde of goats or donkeys his whole life? Damn, even some of my business partners don’t understand it at all and we run our company together, what’s left for the bushman?

  • Can someone, who is fighting daily for surviving the next day really be enthusiastic about crypto?

  • Would such eduction in unsafe countries eventually bring people into danger? I mean it happens in europe that someone gets robbed his bitcoins, what’s left in a poor country where people would kill for USD 50?

  • and and and…

Don’t understand me wrong. I like the idea, but many people, especially US and europeans make the big mistake to see things from their own point of view, and not from the point of view of the people they want to reach. Best example is democracy, works about perfect in europe/us, will never work in middle east. Just some thoughts…


Is there anything we can help with?
Are you referring to a mining farm? There’s alot of people here who could help you


Democracy works well when most of the population doesn’t vote.

Democracy is sooo stone age


Well I can only speak from a South African view as I do live in South Africa. Entry level over here to start a mining rig not even a farm is way above what most can afford. For instance just to build a 6x 1060 3GB rig will cost the average african almost 7-9 months full salary. So if you do not have savings to start getting into mining it is out of reach for about 90% of the population.

Now what is going rampant over here is BTC scams where people fall victim for quick returns because they are uneducated. And because of this most have been scammed and don’t trust crypto all that much anymore


I agree with boxalex but what to do with the uneducated people, i agree that we the educated get scammed but this happens once in a blue moon as we continue to learn but as compared to us the uneducated people are an easy target, and about the interest of people thats what i am proposing that maybe we should create interest for example if a farmer sells his crops to the government he has to go through alot of hardships, crypto has many effects in many sectors and can ease the uneducated people as its making vast improvements in trade, i hope you get the point


Even if it only took 1 month of salary that’s a huge ask for people working at a sustenance level. Then add unreliable power and even less reliable internet.

Let’s be perfectly clear. Mining penetration is a first world problem and completely impossible in a third world except for the most elite of society.


Nice to meet you, Chandler!

I couldn’t agree more… At PiMP OS Mining community, We are proud teach all new miners and welcome them to come and see us on discord and our forum. We are making tons of new videos to explain things in an easy way, and hope that this inspires more people to share the wealth that is crypto knowledge. Just the other day we got an email from a customer who is 79 years old, a part time college professor, and he is getting into mining. What a joy!