TRESORIO MINING - Zcash contracts from 4€ per H/s

Hi guys!

TRESORIO MINING launches its Zcash contracts.

You rent a part of our GPU farm. If miners improvements lead to a better hashrate, we will take it into account.

Pricing for 1 year :

  • 1 H/s : 5 €
  • 150 H/s (1 GPU) : 675 €
  • 900 H/s (6 GPUs) : 3 600 €

Cheers !

One thing the world needs right now more than ever is more of these Cloud Mining companies…

One thing the world needs right now more than ever is people using cryptocurrencies…

A cloud mining company is a physical place that creates jobs, exposure, enthusiasm.
You seem to forget that not everybody has the skills to set-up a mining rig or the place to set up 12 mining rigs.
If you want to use your mining output for other things than gambling on a casino, you know democratization is the key and cloud mining companies are the simplest way to bring mining to the masses.

I don’t argue that many cloud mining companies are scams but don’t forget that each people who see our facility and ask what this is is a future user of the blockchains you mine for profit.

Here are some pictures of our installation…

Well at least he seems to provide some semi-fair prices compared to the other guys.

660 euro is not very little considering that the hardware costs lest than half. But id still say its a pretty fair pricing for a year of electric costs and maintainance plus the space that some people lack off.

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Claymore 6.0 is out ! Hashrate goes up, prices goes down !

New prices :

  • 1 H/s : 5€
  • 150 H/s (one GPU) : 675€
  • 900 H/s (6 GPUs) : 3600€

Prices does not include VAT for EU customers (20%)
We accept credit or debit cards, wire transfer, BTC and ETH.

See you on

that price on electricity …

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Lower it to $0.001 per hash, I may think about taking your offer.

Why shuld I rent your services and pay for Zcash miner power? If I pay € 3600 + 22% (Italy) for 900 H/s, what will be my profit?

This thread is a year old. The original poster hasn’t posted anything since February…

Hi there,

As pointed before, this thread is 1 year old and mining costs per H/s was higher then.
At this price there is no chance to be profitable today.

Besides, even if our website is still active, we don’t sell mining contracts anymore.


Hi PachaKamaq,

when shall you add mining contracts for ETC?

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