Alternative to JAXX Wallet?

The Jaxx wallet on my Mac does not work anymore, period. It started misfiring a few weeks ago. I downloaded the latest version to no avail. It just sits there inert. Once in a while it gets into functioning mode, I can check my balance, then it becomes unresponsive again. Do you have any advice? Is there a good alternative which is not an online site? Thanks for any lead.

If possible check your network activity as to sync, Jaxx has to download a few megabytes of data (or more) which can cause the wallet to hang while it brings down the data it is missing.

If you have a fast internet connection I’d suggest just leaving it and it should come back to life eventually. On a slow connection you make find it takes a few hours…

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I have a fast connection. However, I checked the activity monitor and the (JAXX) electron helper uses 1.40 GB of memory and 105.1 %CPU. As a comparison, Google Chrome Helper uses 324 MB of memory and 2.3 %CPU. JAXX is a huge burden on the CPU. Do you think it’s because my JAXX holds a large number of transactions? Is there a remedy to it? For sure, using JAXX has become highly impractical. I’d gladly switch to a different wallet that’s not an exchange and can hold ZEC, but I do not know any. Thanks.

Good insight. I mine with Genesis Mining and, last I heard from them, they refuse to hold on to assets. So my ZEC go to JAXX. Till a few weeks ago it was just fine but now it’s not. If that’s the problem, as probably is, do you know of a wallet that can take daily ZEC installments from mining? Thanks.

After I wrote you a while ago I restarted my JAXX. What it shows now on my screen is a blank window with “JAXX” on top and, on the left, the red dot to close and the yellow dot to shrink. That’s all. Usually it shows a balance, but it’s frozen; occasionally it’s not frozen but it freezes as soon as I click on anything. As I said, it started a few weeks ago; I installed the latest version, restarted the Mac over and over, always to no avail. The blank window is more recent, since yesterday. Thanks.

I just fired up Jaxx on my Mac, and did receive a ZEC transaction this morning and its fine…if you want to run a wallet on your mac with the whole blockchain on disk, my port to Mac works fine for mining, but you ARE going to want to leave it running all the time as it has its own full node:

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I think I just solved the problem. Recently I added JAXX wallet as an extension to Chrome. So there was a conflict between the extension and the app in Applications. It’s either one or the other in the Mac, it seems.


oh yeah I remember that happening to me back when I first started using Jaxx a few months ago, too!

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man i’m using jaxx wallet to receive the reward but…

ZEC Current balance 0.00003494
ZEC Already paid 0.0000 (Here is what would appear on jax?)
ZEC Unconfirmed 0.00022703
ZEC 1.0% fee is 0.00000229 ZEC

i’m using dwarfpool is good? is better?

in any event you should not send mining rewards to jaxx, it does not handle them well

Okay, so, what wallet do I have to use?

what platform are you on?

win 7, but i’ll format soon and put w10.

using nheqminer and claymore.

no I mean as in linux vs windows vs mac

i’m using windows 7 / windows 10

My windows port of zcashd bundled with the Swing Wallet by @vaklinov is at, you can mine block rewards directly to it if you felt like it (not that you’d solo mine, but still)

Just wanted to say that Trezor is another lite wallet solution for Zcash.

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