Jaxx wallets - balance

Hey, the balance of my Jaxx wallets (zec, btc, with) is suddenly 0…does anyone know if there’s any problem with Jaxx app for iOS?

on the pc and mac the same issue occurs and from my investigation to currency rate is also zero.
They might release an update. but on android and chrome its working fine. I just did a transfer to my wirex account.

I would keep away from Jaxx… Not too safe

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There is also an issue with Jaxx not having a set price for transfer fees. They use a 3rd party that sets the transfer fees dynamically. People report fees greater than $250 to transfer Bitcoin out. I would avoid at all costs anyone who is not transparent of transfer fees (or “dynamic” in transfer fees).

Those fees are like cash advances from a loan shark in a casino.

I second staying away from Jaxx wallet, I have had funds disappear from it t

Any other recommended wallets? For zcash, eth, btc… one platform for all the wallets, not for trading.

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you could use zcash freewallet or ethereum freewallet

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Did they reimburse you like Bitfinex did to their customers in Hong Kong?

No I was never reimbursed

I’m having a similar problem too with the Jaxx client on Windows. The amount of Zcash is correct. But not the conversion to my preferred currency. No such problem on my Android either.

I think they have a clear cache feature, no? Try that. It might show the balance.

Just did that, under Settings. And…Yes, the figures are correct now :slight_smile: I feel like such a simpleton. But in mitigation, I’ve only used Jaxx for less than two weeks. And today is the first time ever I’ve bought Zcash via ShapeShift at Jaxx.

Oh, oh… This is discouraging to hear. All of my non-Bitcoin cryptocurrencies are in Jaxx. I will check out the other alternative wallets mentioned here.

I wouldn’t worry too much. See here: Ploniex zcash disabled - support not responding for 24 hours - #52 by whfct

I have seen this on iphone … The currency is not getting updated … causing the value to be 0. I am alMosy sure your currency section will be 0 … it will though show the right zec value. Couldn’t find a fix so switched to android phone…

Like I said, I would keep away from Jaxx… Neither safe nor responsible

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Jaxx has never shown the Zcash USD-ZEC exchange rate correctly for me, and across multiple versions, which have led to massive undersends when I didn’t notice the discrepancy.

Coinomi, on the other hand, has been fairly reliable, although it can run into network difficulties regardless of the coin when broadcasting the tx.