Alternative uses for heat output from rig

Just wondered what everyone else was doing with their heat which is generated from the mining rig? My son games on his PC in our summer house and he uaed to have a 2kw heater blasting out in there. Now I have a mining rig in there on 24/7 which uses half the power of the heater and the old shed is now warm as toast. Looking forward to winter as I might move in there myself :grin:

True, using heaters at home is not a really good idea, when one knows of and can afford smarter alternatives.

Feel free to let us in on the secret then. thanks

I have my computer den of iniquity located above the garage in the somewhat finished attic, have 3 HP ProLiant DL380 G6 servers, 1 desktop, 3 misc laptops and several other electronic devices all going strong. The temp varies from about 60F to 80F depending on whether or not the door is open or closed, I usually leave it open at all times now as 80F+ is a bit much! I live up North about 100 miles from the Canadian border, temps have been between 12F to 36F for the last month but it can dip down to about -10F at times during the dead of winter. No need to waste propane heating my den this winter, the excess from all of my electronics is more than enough to keep me toasty warm. My problem will be cooling this place in the summertime as the temps can flare up to 100F+, at least I’ll have all winter to look at some new wiring options…

Heat my whole house all year round. Quiet rig in every room!

Gas company sent someone to inspect the Gas meter as they were concerned my Gas bills were so low. :smiley:

I’ve slapped my rig in the coldest area of the house: the basement next to the door. It feels almost normal down there now.

Exchanging heaters with rigs is a simple yet smart idea. Just watch out for the humidity!