My basement mining rigs. ("My" pros and cons)

Hey guys,

This is my first time posting here, hoping I’m not in violation of the rules.

Here is my simple rigs
(Top Image) 6x Asus 1070 OC Edition (2900 sol/s)

(Bottom Image) 4x Asus 1070 TI A8G & 3x Asus 1070 OC Edition (3500 - 3600 Sol/s)

Note: I have 1 rig in finish side of the basement and 1 rig unfinished side of the basement.

Pros: (I think)
Rigs temperature is from the high of 53 degrees to 49 degrees 24/7 mining.
Mining for about 10 months now and haven’t had any problems so far.
Room temperature is pretty cool. (I believe my airflow for the entire house is pretty good that’s what my builder told me)

Worried about condensation. (I’ve been reading a lot about it the last couple of days and its really making me nervous)
So far basement is clean I haven’t really seen/notice anything crazy as far condensation goes.

I would be very please for any input from the guys that’s been doing mining for a while.

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IMO if you have not had any issues before with condensation, then I doubt you will now. If you are concerned then keep your rigs 3ft away from the walls or in the center of the room. Again though there is a 99.75% chance of zero condensation issues

Good for you! I’d get a dehumidifier if you’re concerned about moisture. I’m in Florida with a number of miners and don’t have issues.

Tracking the dT between dry and wet bulb temperatures will give you a good indication about whether or not you need to take additional measures to protect your equipment. Obviously there will be seasonal variation, even in FL, so don’t take one data point and forget it.