Share with us Your Rig temp and Fan speed :)

hey guys i made this topic so every one can post his rig Temp and His Fan on which speed :slight_smile:

Ive got 3486 sol/s from 6x 1080 (non ti) (581 sol/s each) at 60-65 celcius is that good? Total power usage i check via wattmeter 670-710W in full usage (some time my sol/s jumps to 601 sols)

Its gtx 1080 (Non ti version) is that good or i should aim for more?

I run 5 firepro 7000s in a homemade open air case, im not sure the exact usage kwh less than 1000 watts machine for sure but they run between 60 and 70 norm up to 80 on hot days (with no a/c running), on flypool averaging 1.37 kHs, 1.45 actual

how is that possible??!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!