Am I doing something wrong?

I have been mining zcash this week and my returns are much lower than I was expected and less than half of whattomine calculates for my sol/s. I get 1080 sol/s or so with my 1080ti/1060 setup and I was expecting around 5 dollars a day and I am actually getting less than 3. I had to switch to nicehash because it is much more profitable at the moment.

I know there has been a recent surge in difficulty and most everyone is making less than they were but I feel like I am doing something wrong here. Maybe not?

Running Zec Miner 0.3.4 on suprnova pool.

It does not sound like you are doing anything wrong just sounds like you are running everything stock where NiceHash is preconfigured to run everything at a stable O/C. This is why you are seeing the difference in per day amounts.

You $5.00 per day figure is not off, but with market and difficulty changes I would bank on $3.75 per day and anything above that is bonus.

I am getting under 3 dollars a day from zec suprnova. Nicehash is getting 5+ no problem… just seems weird. Both cards are overclocked currently.

might be the luck of the pool

Hello! Try flypool. 2 month ago I leave suprnova and enter to flypool, for me it is better.
In case of rig problems and errors with EWBF you can try my watchdog program: [CMD] Zcash Miner Autorun (Autorestart / Watchdog) for EWBF miner
About nicehash i don’t think that it is a good idea because ZEC is cheap now and BTC is very expensive. So you can earn more if you have ZEC on you wallet, just by sell it in future.

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I set it up and it looks great, thank you. I will come back to ZEC and try it out once I fulfill payout for nicehash!

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honestly I changed to flypool a couple of days ago and it is not better then suprnova :man_shrugging:
I get 0.01 ZEC every 12h with flypool and I got 0.01 ZEC every 9-10h by suprnova just 3 day ago

So I switched to flypool and my payout is more in line with calculators. Almost 2x as high as I was getting from Suprnova.

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