Questions on zencash sprnova

Anyone mining on

I have switched my miners there after testing it for a bit, but I am used to flypool so this is a little different. My miners are showing very reduced hash rates on sprnova than luckpool or flypool.

I normally get 2800 sols/s and sprnova shows about 2000. Maybe I have to wait longer, but I don’t really understand the stats on this pool. I like that I can choose when I want the payout and can leave it at 0 setting until then.

Even though ZEC is more mature I see a lot of upside with ZEN. I mine and hold until I get the price I want and I think that may be better for ZEN than ZEC. Others thoughts?

Anyone else using this pool for zen or zec?

I am in the exact same boat. Started on Flypool for ZCash and switched to Zen about a week ago. I tried some pools, but most seemed to be having scaling issues. I decided to use Suprnova. I REALLY dislike not have a 24 hour hash average on Suprnova’s side. It seems like it the shorter average they show is about 5-7% lower than I am running for total hash power. I am also finding that my production is lower than what is estimated on every time I have checked. I know that Whattomine will rarely be exactly right, but I would expect to see values both above and below their estimates.

The other issue that I am having with Suprnova is that their mining computer activity monitor doesn’t notify me in the event of a crash even though I activated it. That was never an issue with Flypool. I am looking forward to Flypool opening a Zen pool.

I wondered that too. Will flypool create a pool for zen? Most people go
to luckpool or sprnova and both of those I find not as simple and reliable
as flypool.

I’m mining on zen.suprnova. It’s good at all. Tried different pools, but suprnova is working very very good.
If you’re not sure about pool efficiency, go to earnings and do simple math with last hour earnings x 24hr and check it with whattomine. It’s almost identical numbers.

I like suprnova in general, but for for ZEC I think flypool is better.