Am i doing this right (beginner)

Hi Guys,
I’m New, started last night but am unsure if I have set this up right.
I have an account with supernova and I have downloaded ZCash Swing Wallet (which is now 100% sync’d)
I started off my ZEC Miner last night and this is what it looks like:

but when I go to the supernova pool I don’t see any activity?
am I solo mining? will I get some funds in my wallet after a certain threshold is me?
or am I doing all this for nothing?

here is the config file from the Zec miner:

main server

port 2142
user t1PvQhzofJrVvezT44fSrYyuguUTJXPZGQg
pass x

many thanks in advance

Did you create a worker on suprnova?

For user param you’re meant to supply the username associated with your account followed by the workername separated with a .:


Before you fill in the above, create a new worker.

For receiving funds, you’ll need to fill in payout address and set payout minimum on account page.


Ah Man!
I am such a wally, been mining like that for about 8 hours, wonder where all my efforts went :frowning:
thanks for the info though.

I’m up and running now

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to the gods of nul. your sacrifice was appreciated greatly :robot:


You are an advanced user from where I sit.


I heard the ceremony podcast on Radiolabs… and thought I’d “get into crypocurrency” with little hands on IT experience. Basic GitHub is the upper limit of my expertise.
I have downloaded Jaxx… but could not see how to purchase zcash. Realised I needed to get to an exchange to buy zcash.

Joined BITFINEX… and now I have the following questions?

  1. Can I buy zcash with fiat currency or do I have to mine to get zcash?
  2. Do I have to buy Bitcoins and then exchange these to zcash?

Can anyone point me to the idiot’s guide to zcash?

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Hey, first off welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
There are two main methods used for acquiring zcash.
The most common choice is to buy bitcoins and then exchange these to zcash, these can be acquired from a btc atm, localbitcoins, wire transfers via any of the reliable trusted centralized exchanges (gemini comes to mind - avoid coinbase, they are a headache from own personal experience) or decentralized exchanges (bisq).
You could also set up an account on, and get bitcoins by filling a shoppers order; you can sometimes get better exchange rates than most of the exchanges but downside is you can’t specify amount.
Another means is via mining with a GPU rig, but unless you have 6 or more cards, you may be waiting a while to get anything near to significant daily rets.

One last thing, you might want to consider one of the GUI wallets from @vaklinov and @anon47418038, seeing as by using just jaxx you’ll be missing out on zcash’s main killer feature, private transactions.


Thanks. That is exactly the information I needed!!

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