AMD 7990 for claymore

Anyone with the 7990 card who minds sharing his mining results?

Much appreciated =)

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200-220 on 7970 overclocked

2x180 stock 20 characters

So basically 400 or more with that card :slight_smile:

For me that thing is already like 5-10 degrees hotter than my 280s/7970s even on stock. I wouldn’t think of overclocking that guy. 2gpus in one case don’t seem to be effectively coolable…

Is it making much noise while mining zcash or is it bearable to have in a livingroom if I may ask? =) Any idea about power consumption?

Since its not reference it will make very little noise. Power most likely will be at least 300-350Watts.

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I’m running 2 X 7990 watercooled and get 400 per card at stock speeds.
rig pulls 860W at the wall with both cards hashing.
I used to used these cards aircooled for LTC back in the day and the only way to keep em under 80 is to put em in a box with push and pull server fans forcing air over em.

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whats the temp at v8?

47 with water , im getting an air cooled 7990 next week so I can report that temp then

85 air cooled 20 chars

Thanks. Big temp difference.

If you are running these card aircooled then its worth building a rig case like this

With 2000-3000rpm server fans in the front its easy to run multiple 7990’s aircooled and still keep them under 80 even in the summer.

Now that looks good.
Do they all blow into the case?
What’s the fans’ power draw?

Its a little hard to see.
But the fans all pull air through the case with the opposite side being completely cut out
Obviously the lid has to be on the box so the fans pull the air over the cards which are lined up and screwed into a tenth of aluminum angle you can see on the opposite side to the fans.
What you cannot see is another piece of aluminum angle fixed inside the box that the bottom of the cards sit on.

These fans are Delta 120mm x 36mm 3000 RPM server fans they pull about 25w each I think and are very loud!
You could use slower quieter fan or maybe 140mm?

here are all the pic I have left of thes boxes, this was mining LTC in 2014 and I no longer have any of these parts.

What mobo can support 7 cards? I thought it only goes up to 6 with PRO BTC…

Oho, that card has 8.6 billion trasistors! 8.2 Teraflops/second. Stream processors 4,096 and Engine clock 1 Ghz!

Claymore is one opinion, theres optiminer on z-cash. Ethdistro (linux) is supported and theres always help.

That sound of rig is money $$$ How many cards you put in to it?