AMD GPU Miner -Not Extremal

Hi guys I want to use my GPU in Suprnva or in Flypool.

Could you someone direct me towards a tutorial or a miner that really works. I do not wanbt to uise the extreaml coins4all.


Flypool - scroll down and select the tab of your device for instructions and software downloads.

Genoil is crashing all the time…

Yeah I have an old rig 3 x R2 290’s and I have tried every single thing I can with that piece of software. No results at all. Inexplicable. Only AMD I got going is Nicehash’s pool and their software though a pathetic total of 24 H for the 3 cards. Not even sure how to optimize them.

oops I missed the AMD in the title. As mentioned the only AMD I got going was on Nicehash’s pool

Release Public alpha WIN64 builds · nicehash/nheqminer · GitHub it is from Extremal but not bound to his pool.

@zcashrpc thanks for the info!

I can confirm it is working on 3 windows machines!

Wow thanks!

I will monitor them to see how they go!

Although I got this working, it seems the extremal miner with slient army is giving double sol\s (2 instances) do you guys know how to setup in ubuntu from scratch?

Meaning How do I setup my AMD R9 Drivers Open CL etc… ?


sorry don’t know have it running on an old mining rig with windows that I recently fired up and tried everything that was available.