Any miner for 280x R9 cards? Tried everything

Tried everything (i think) and either crushes or 0 sols. Anybody found an AMD miner for those sweet 280x cards yet?

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try this:

yep works found it already but thanx for reply :slight_smile:

The R9 280x is in kind of a bad spot right now for zcash mining. It has 3GB GDDR5 which makes it poor for zcashgpuclient_silentarmy.exe 0.2.2, which allocs 2x1745MB by default. Since that exceeds 3GB some of it spills to PCI-e/system RAM providing low perf (2x4.5=9 Sol/s). You can restrict silentarmy to 1x1745MB to prevent that and get ~26.2 Sol/s. With optimizations/a different kernel design it could likely go higher but most of the devs are focused on newer cards, and/or older cards with 4GB+ right now. So in the short term the R9 280x will likely be less efficient on zcash than it was on eth, xmr, etc.

oh i will try chaning this to 1x1745 - where would i do that? yeah im old miner… i made this rigs 2 years ago for x11.

but this miner works only for 1 pool right? it has hardcoded coinsforall ?

set instances=“1”; in the config.txt and use version 0.2.2+. I’m getting 25-26 Sol/s with that.

RE your other question, I’m not sure if you can use it with a different pool, haven’t tried that yet.

ok btw - 0.1 ZEC minimum is too much thats why i think of switching this pool

so will work on window 8.1? Linux? 26 sol ? (zcashclient-0.2.2 set instances=“1”; ) planning to buy tomorrow 4x R9 280x. (380 euro) just go for the 2x RX 470? (425 euro)

Keep electric price in mind

I am using a 280x card with Genoil. Getting 18 sol.s

I have a 280 rig going using Zogminer.

Try this solution (windows), my card is similar:

R9 280x 51-53sol/s. Heavy undervolt (987mV), overclock, timings are tighter thanks to the stilt and thanks to claymore for the miner.

Hi neo,
can you post your setup here please, I believe there are many interested to clone your solution.

My bios are modded and timings are tightened. You have to push your card until it breaks. So far it breaks above 1075 and 1550 at 987mV. I dont want to change the voltage. A lot cooler running at this low. Windows 7 and latest drivers. My other cards only reach 48-50sols.

The new claymore zec miner is apparently fantastic with the 280X - like 45 sol/s

yep claymore rocks 43 average

  • bios memory update? standard vapor-x R9 280x 39 M/h