How much zcash with 1H/s

How much zcash coin i will get per day with 1H/s?

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If you are the only person on the planet mining then you will get 7200 Coins a day.


This is arguably the best answer we have right now, because the actual answer depends on the network’s entire hashrate, which is unknown, variable, and currently in the realm of speculation. It would be speculation even if we knew what miners would be available in a week.

So two ways to look at this question right now are as follows:

You can divide 7200 by the number of hashes per second on the entire network, and that’s roughly what you can expect to make per day, with 1H/s.


You can come at it from another angle: in order to make 1 ZEC each day, you need to control 1/7200 of the entire mining network. That’s roughly 0.014% of the network. If there were just 7,000 Radeon 470s mining at the same hash rate, then it won’t matter what that hash rate is, you’d need about 1 of them to make 1 ZEC each day.

At best current guess, your 1H/s will deliver somewhere like 1/10th to 1/30th of a 470.

So you would make somewhere between 1 and 3 ZEC per month with 1H/s, where the network size comprises 7000 Radeon 470s.

That’s not likely to be the final network size if Zcash takes off… not by a long, long way. But it should give you an idea of where you might be somewhere within the first month.

How much that is worth depends a lot on how much ZEC trades for.

Note that all of the above is affected in the first month by the slow start.

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Thanks for this answer :slight_smile:
Have you an idea about the number of hashes per second on the entire network it will be at launch?
And what it will happen if equilhash will be not available at GPU mining?

The other factor to note is that the block reward is being ramped up from zero on launch day to the regular rate of 12.5 ZEC.

So can you now calculate on which day between 1 and 30 it makes sense to power up a GPU?

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Well… according to this: NiceHash - Leading Cryptocurrency Platform for Mining and Trading (almost 200 H/s and it is only testing), we can clearly expect network hashrate being several MH/s, so with 1H/s you would earn almost 0.

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Yes indeed, which is why I literally noted it: “Note that all of the above is affected in the first month by the slow start.”

Well, I think for most of us who are already here, it makes sense to power up a miner on day one, for various reasons ranging from enthusiam through testing on the mainnet, regardless of the immediate payout.

power up a miner on day one, but with which hardware?

I bought some R9 290s, R9 295x2s and RX 480s…
Assumption is AMD will dominate this like most other cases… And that GPU will trump CPU.

But no one knows.
I don’t think anyone using OpenCL has even gotten their miner to work on an RX 480, so a few of these miners I have built may end up mining Ether and Decred : )

I hate to say this but we’ll be POS from day 1. LOL.

1H/S can get around 0,2 ZEC/Day :wink:

That seems extremely optimistic. As in, my already extremely optimistic estimate from above suggested 1H/s would generate at most 1-3 ZEC per month. That is to say, between 0.03 and 0.1 ZEC per day.

I now believe I may have been off by as much as a factor of 10. I think 1 H/s will be very lucky to make 0.01 ZEC per day.

To see these numbers, I want to cry! Even with a hash so high the gain is zero!!
This coin is like the bitcoin! :smile:

HAHAHAHA i will cry with you :slight_smile:

Well at least we know where it comes from:

:grin: :grin:

It may pass the value of Bitcoin very quickly due to scarcity…

The ZEC/Day number is wrong… but the diff will raise fast, due mining softwares optimizations

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IMHO something’s wrong with suprnova’s estimate.

In the last 24 hours the address tmA2CA9sDS7DDBfQZmWtKW3aoKL3Hst5fxp has mined 347 blocks totalling 396 ZEC (around 63% of all ZEC mined in the last 24 hours). An example is then go to and search for block 2570.

With the current pool rate of around 12000 H/s, jeewaka should earn around a third of the total or around 130 ZEC, not 0.002…

I think it’s the same factor of 65536 that I noticed two weeks ago. If you divide the 130 ZEC by that number, you get 0.002.

So at current state I’d estimate around 0.033 ZEC/(H/s)/day at current block value of 1.5 ZEC/block or around 0.3 ZEC at the final 12.5 ZEC/block.

Once the big farms kick in…

I agree :slight_smile: very nice