Hey guys, who can tell me what this is;single card speed is reached 1132H/S

single card speed is reached 1132H/S:cry:

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what is this tiny screen shot? How are the temps in the 40’s c???

hmmm i want this mining software :smiley:
what language is this?

Where did you get that from? A source would be nice.

Pro duo could probably push 500s/s with it been dual nanos,engineering sample of rx 490 maybe is my guess but more likely it is not the real speed but someone changed the way speeds are reported to look like it’s more than it is,let’s see if we here from him again!

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at the bottom it says GPU 1 , 2 , 3 ,4

this is probably yet unreleased Vega 10/RX 490.

somebody in china always get their silicon 30 days earlier than the rest of us :unamused:

Yes rx 490 was my thought but it’s unlikely he has 5 of them so soon unless we are going to see a release before xmas then anythings possible

No surprise at all! Even before launch, we already knew that CPU mining is not viable as Equihash whitepaper claimed. In fact, it is only available to botnet owner.

What card? What software?

that’s a gold slave card from AMD

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I’ll take 30 of the gold slave card please

No problem send 20 bitcoin to me and I will post them right away :joy:

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LOL! Ok…! That sounds like a great deal. Lol. Hahahha

This is anything but good news. Guys who bought Polaris cards and won’t each ROI by the time this card/miner releases will be left in the dust. They’ll barely be profitable.

The fan speed reached 98% and the temperature was below zero

This software is only claymore8.0, plus a layer of shell outside it
This is Chinese

I guess is false, because he was6K / s speed five minutes accpt 132

Jop, and I also don’t think a RX490 will be fast like that ;-).

I guess if someone could reach that rate it will be with a own developed mining software and CUDA Miner with custom BIOS.

I think gpu 0 and gpu 5 are 290’s and gpu1-gpu4 are rx480’s.