Zcash Arborist Call - October 8th

Our next Zcash Aborist Call will be October 8th at 21:30 UTC!

Registration is now open and you can sign up for the call here .

Arborist calls are monthly calls where Zcash protocol contributors convene to discuss upgrade timelines and process, protocol R&D efforts, design and implementation of new protocol features, and identify blockers and unresolved issues. See this post for full details.

In addition to our standard development and schedule updates, this week we’ll be discussing potential Network Upgrade Pipeline (NUP) improvements.

If you’re interested in presenting at future Arborist calls, contact me at steven@electriccoin.co with “Arborist Call” in the subject line.


Any possibility to listen to the call without registering or using zoom ? I think the ECC transmitted live other meetings in youtube while people can make questions by chat. I think that is a great option.

Unfortunately there’s not option at the moment other than to attend the meeting itself. The consensus at the first Arborist meeting was to not record the calls, but I will ask again tomorrow to see if that’s a possibility. I’ll also ask about the option of livestreaming on YouTube as well.

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Hello. Is it possible to read the minutes of the meeting if there is one? The recordings are not very convenient for viewers who do not speak English, and the text can be translated.

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We haven’t taken meeting notes at any of the past meetings but I’ll see if we can come up with a solution for notes of some sort or a transcript.

Thanks for the suggestion!

@oxarbitrage @Anton1 At the Arborist call today everyone agreed that recording the sessions would be fine. Once the video processes we’ll get it up on our YouTube channel and I’ll post the link here.

Thanks for the input and feedback. I think these will be great to have recorded going forward.


@oxarbitrage @Anton Finally got the recording up! We created a playlist for all the Arborist calls so you’ll be able to find them more easily.

Thanks again for the suggestion!