Antminer Z15 setup - help needed

Hello friends. I am trying to get a Z15 up and running however I am unable to detect it on my network. I have tried resetting the thing with no success. When checking my device list I dont see it anywhere. I also tried downloading Bitmains IP Reporter and that didnt work.

When holding the reset button down for 5 seconds it doesnt power down or make any noises…is that normal? All that happens is the green and red lights flash and when I release the reset button they stop.

EDIT: problem solved. was my router, had to reset it and it showed up.

Congrats on snagging a Z15 though, I heard they sold out in minutes.

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Yeah brother, wish I had got at least 4 more… its been sitting in a box for over a month now…I’ve been sort of MIA here. – My dog passed away unexpectedly and haven’t been able to bring myself to set it up until today. Been like a knife is stuck inside my heart, never felt so empty and alone inside.

Anyway… 99 days left until the halvening so will just leave it on till at least then and pull as much ZEC as possible

That’s real hard to hear, my best dog friend passed away three years ago from cancer so I feel your pain. Sorry.

Hopefully you can at least ROI on the miner, good luck!

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