Antminer Z9 stop working

Hi I have problem 30min ago Z9 stop working I put reset but not work red and green LED blinking but i can’t open miner options IP address how to restore factory setting ?

Did you try to reset the Z9 allready? result?


if you hit the reset button it is back to factory and you have to go through the same steps you did the first time to set it up.

OK now is work thank you.

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Another thing that came into my mind is that you run the miner not with static ip settings under network settings.
But than again, after a reset it should mine and work, but mostly this isn’t the case.

Did you reset the miner with a pin or so and holded in the reset hole for some seconds until you hear the bippppppp

Mind sharing what the problem was? Could always be usefull for others that run into a similar problem?!

Whenever you nplug in the internet it takes time to start and sync with network. happens to my machines all the time it was just a panic attack :3

Antminer stop working because is Frezee. Am restarted now everything already works. Maybe I did too much OC.

Dont worry alot of people here to help you :slight_smile:

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Thank You for your interest.

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What were you overclocking to? You might want to reel it back a bit.

500 doing to 750 if I click Save&Appy miner work maybe one minuets and freeze.
If I do this, every three-four steps work.

You might get more stability by staying in the 600 range.

I did it after this incident 600 max is very stabile.

I am hav8ng an issue with 3 z9 minis. Multiple reboots, resets and nothing works. On the IP scanner it will show them but as “dead”. If they ever are online, I can’t get to the login screen. Twice I was able to login but I couldn’t do anything. Anyone have other ideas or advice?

If you are having the same issue with 3 devices and it all started at the same time?

recent electric storm?

bad switch or router?

you should use from another device on your network to find the I.P of the mini’s

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Did you safe the Network and IP settings in the Z9 mini panel under network settings?

IF you did NOT safe them they maybe have switched the IP automaticly and/OR after reseting they are switched back to bitmains factory settings and mine for them!!!

As you can not log in i’am pretty sure they are on a different than the previous ip, if it’s the factory ip or a new one attached by your isp or router, no idea.

As criticAcid allready suggested, the first step is using advanced-ip-scanner and make a scan to see on which IP’s it finds devices attached, than use the ip’s and login from there. Pretty sure you will find them with Advanced IP Scanner…

Keep us updated and we might be able to help you further …

I had one and added two yesterday. I did have the ip saved in the one. I can find them with the an ip scanner butb5hey show as dead. Even when they are alive, it will not let me get to the log in screen

I am using advanced ip scanner

I will try again this evening and keep you updated. Thank you