Z9 fault light no x's 0 on hashing boards

Getting a z9 fault red light. there are no x’s on miner just wont hash any ideas do i need to reset or upgrade firmware or what you guys think seeing 0’s on hashing boards. Any ideas?

was it working previously and now it isn’t or isn’t working out of the box

it was working flawless… now it runs but wont hash. temps seem good. no x’s no heat warning either. I tried a reset by pressing little key with push pin and the reboot option both ways. cleaned for dust as well.

will run for about 1-3 mins then chain#2 on the asic board slowly drops its ksol way below others down too zero then they all go to zero. chip temps in the low 50’s any ideas pools are solid as well status alive. let it sit for an hour as well any thoughts ? maybe an update of firmware of somekind ? other then that im so out of ideas.? Help!

if you hit reset, did you put the mining config back in?

if you are overclocking put it back to default

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as the above post, make a check list and check several things:

  • reset, setup again the configuration as it’s lost after the reset
  • if overclocked, turn it back to factory settings
  • check the fan connection/connectors
  • check the connectors to the hashboards.
  • replace the PSU with a working one, often the PSU is the problem, smolten connectors, whatever.

in case you have more than 1x Z9, try replacing the hashboards from another Z9 to see excluse a vaulty hashboard as the reason.

And make sure you are indeed not overheating the unit and/or electricity circuit is stable and not overloaded.

ok so this is my only z9 and ive reset and set up again. its on factory settings. applied new battery . am attempting a reboot. Will post if working or not.

ok so still crashed it appears to be number 2 on the antminer screen like the second chain# goes down first then the others follow it and go to zero…

some screenshots/pictures would help maybe.

Try to get a PSU with enough power to check if it’s not the PSU that generates the problem. Maybe get one from a friend for an hour just to be sure it’s not the PSU.