First time GPU mining, used rig advice

Hello, ive recently got the mining addiction, starting with learning and building a little Verium mining rig (GPU and ASIC resistant scrypt2 algo) consisting of a ton of odroid SBC`s .
And now that its up and running, i really want to get a little GPU rig going. I know i am late to the party, and am seeking advice on what to do of these 2 options:

  1. wait until new generation Nvidia cards hit the marked and make a rig from scratch ( my target is a 8gpu rig, maybe less but with option to expand )
  2. buy a rig for sale now , to learn the basic of GPU mining.

I have searched for used rigs for sale in my country, just using cryptocompare to see that the asking price for used rigs is from 24 month ROI and upwards

Is this the same for new rigs built today? it is more of a hobby than a get rich thing. so i dont mind 12-18month roi, heck my Verium rig is probalby more than that now, it went from 16$ mid jan to < than 3$ today :frowning:

Sage advice FYI. Especially if ZEC does not resist ASICS.

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