Freezes after selecting solvers

So I can mine ETH/SIA all day, every day.

Any time I try to run ewbf’s miner it just freezes after “user selected solver”

You have provided no information for anyone here to be able to help you.

basically you said I drive home everyday, when I turn left instead of right I come to a dead end.

details are needed

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what details do you need?

It’s 10 cards, all nvidia.
Crashes whether afterburner is running or not.

It used to just crash after recognizing the cards, i then changed it so that it uses the same solver for each card…so i get that far and it freezes here now.

okay so now we know you have a 10 cards of something Nvidia
We still don’t know what they are, what operating system you are on
are you over clocking or stock
list all the things you have attempted so that we are not wasting your time or ours.

To my knowledge no one on this forum as seen your rig, we have no idea what it is or how it is set up, its components, nothing unless you tell us.

You’re the one asking for help, we are not there so unless you give us details, again we cannot help you DETAILS

7-1070s, 2-1070ti’s, 1-1080ti on a H110. windows 10.
Crashes whether i have them overclocked or stock.

Not sure what to even attempt when its just ewbf that I have the problem with. Claymore runs flawlessly so i know all the risers and cards are good.