Possible Lost Zec?

Made a few transfers around 3 o’clock this afternoon from my desktop wallet to cryptonator because i wanted to cash out some ZEC… well here it is almost 7 hours later and no pending funds are showing up on cryptonator… emailed support but that kinda got me no where so now i honestly don’t know what to do… Here are the 4 transaction ID’s… Is this normal for this to take so long or have i just lost my coin?


Unfortunately I don’t know enough to speculate, but I can confirm I’m having issues with Cryptonator right now as well. Both a payment from flypool to Cryptonator, and a payment from Cryptonator to Jaxx are missing in action. No record in the Block chain explorer at all.

Edit: Just after I hit Reply to this, the big payment from Cryptonator to Jaxx showed up. So only a small mining payment is MIA. I’m sure they just get delayed based on priority and traffic at the time. Everybody is probably dumping ZEC for BTC so lots of transactions to process.

idk whats going on… im sorry its happened to you as well… i emailed support… i just checked and it still not there… so not sure what to do pretty sure the coin is lost…

Crytonator has a notice up saying they are working on a zcash issue.

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thank god… thank you for the info i hope everything is resolved soon and anyone and everyone who has had issues recently gets they’re ZEC…

Did you ever get this worked out? I’m having a similar issue right now with missing ZEC to cryptonator. Shows up on explorer fine, but nothing on cryptonator.

Yes it eventually worked itself out after i believe almost a weeks time… They ended up messing up and i got double the amount i transferred…

Got it - I’ll keep my proverbial fingers crossed. Thanks!

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No worries it should resolve itself…How long ago did you transfer the ZEC? Also you’re welcome…

Only a few hours ago - I did a test transaction of BCH/BCC to check out their service, and that worked fine (and almost instantly), but then of course I made the mistake of typing “cryptonator zec missing” into Google and saw a lot of complaints, yours included, so scared myself worse than checking WebMD when I have a slight headache…

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LOL no worries… were you sending from a private wallet or an exchange? because i know if you send from bittrex to cyrptonator you have to confirm the transfer via an email they usually send you… also can you view the transaction on the blockchain?

Sending from ZCASH4Win - 14 confirmations on https://zcashnetwork.info - shows as complete on ZCash4Win also. Never had a problem sending from there before, and judging from the problems I keep seeing mentioned with ZEC on cryptonator,

That is strange… honestly all you really can do is just wait and see what happens… it deff should have been there with 14 confirmations though… my transactions from zcash4win to cryptonator usually show up in my account after 7 - 10 confirmations… Have you tried looking up the TXID on another website?