Cryptonator to Zcash4Win

Sent a mining payment from cryptonator to my Zcash4win wallet and nothing is there… When i click on the transaction link to view confirmations from cryptonators site i get the following… “Page not found. If you entered a search query, make sure it was a valid account address (t-address), transaction hash, or block hash.” Kinda freaking out due to the fact it wasn’t a just a few dollars i tried to transfer… Any help is greatly appreciated thank you…

How long between when you sent it and when you tried to look up the transaction ID? It can take several minutes before it appears.

Here’s the exact time taken from crypotnator

10.08.2017 11:59 UTC-04:00

I wouldn’t be concerned just yet. I’ve had transactions take much longer. Is your wallet in Windows fully synced?

yes it says 100% in the bottom right hand corner…

Give it a bit more time.

Ok, Thank you was just concerned since it was about 0.64209639 zec that i transferred…

Just because im new to Zcash4win wallet was using JAXX but everyone from what i read said to not use it anymore… Do i just click refresh to see if a balance is there under the “own addresses” or do i just not click anything and it’ll show up when a payment is received?

it has nothing to do with your wallet, its just a delay in processing the transaction , dont worry some times takes a little longer

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Alright, thank you… i was just letting my zcash balance sit on cryptonators site… Wasn’t sure if that was a good idea or not so that’s why i decided to make the switch to Zcash4Win wallet…

Definitely a good decision. Allows you more control over your own funds. I know how anxious you can feel when you’ve moved funds and it’s taking it’s time and or the transaction ID doesn’t show up. But as long as you have the address correct, it’s just a matter of waiting :slight_smile:

I just thought i may have possibly lost all of what i transferred which led to being concerned… I did double check the addresses and verify it they were matching and correct… So guess i will just give it some more time…

I’m currently waiting for over an hour for a BTC transfer to go through :wink: At least ZEC is usually faster!

I just hate that if i need to cash out anything i have to convert the ZEC to BTC then send to coinbase then to my bank… Wish there was a way to just convert zec to usd then send to bank…

Well my transfer showed up but the weird thing is it showed up twice? Is that just because it needs to be confirmed?

There is technically. For instance Kraken allows you to sell ZEC directly to USD which you can withdraw directly to your bank account. Most people choose other options because they all have different time frames for the withdrawls. Some take 1-5 business days while others can take 7-15 business days.

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What do you mean by twice?

it shows the transaction i sent for 0.64 zec two times one at 1:33:10 and another at 1:33:09 and says my balance is 1.28 Zec but i don’t have that much… I only transferred 0.64 from cryptonator…

What’s the transaction ID?

that is really weird, I would restart the wallet, it’ll rescan for txns and should have the correct balance then