Anyone else mining with an AMD APU?

CPU usage goes from 75% just mining CPU to 80% with zog added in. I’m getting about 10sol/s both with nheq alone and combined with zog which come to 150 share/hr on zmine pool. I read that someone was getting less shares per sol/s than they were getting from cpu miners, so I wanted to watch that combined shares number. Works fine for me.

Running a second zog instance (not recommended since max APU ram is 2gb) just for kicks dropped my overall zog sol/s to about 2sol/s from 3.5. Ah well. Experiment over. I’ll save a few watts and I assume some heat too, and maybe when GPU miners are more optimized there will be a performance boost on top of that.

If you’re looking for a pool, please consider the smaller pools to keep Zcash safe and diverse. Zcash Pool Zmine CLOSING has treated me well with fast payments and good support, a clean clear website, no login needed, easy instructions. Only issue is only 100-200 users, but all that means is the blocks are less frequent, but your percentage of the take is higher, so it all evens out, and the issue of few users is easily solved by more people choosing to join up. If not zmine, please investigate other small pools.